John Heath - "Took me back to being a young adult."

Loved the book. An intriguing web of characters and portrayals of the sort of people who pop in and out if our lives at some point? With every appearance, we find out more of each of the characters through their behaviours and antics. 
'Yes, I once knew someone who was a bit like that', was a recurring thought, and Mick builds up the personalities and their traits with an insight which makes every one of them so ridiculously believable.
Looking forward to the sequel!

Linda Crooks - "A thoroughly enjoyable read, with all the emotions, humour, wit and sadness."

A thoroughly enjoyable read, with all the emotions, humour, wit and sadness. The author brings to life living in the 50'and 60's in a mining village. It shows the caring side of a boy towards his dying grandfather, almost never seen in the male population of northern males.!! also the difference in his relationship with his grandfather and his father. He brings to life the characters, with humour and gives a good insight into his schooldays, and the characters who meant something to him. He begins the book as a boy and ends as a young man on the verge of an exciting and better life which I am sure his grandfather would be proud of.


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